The Diversity Immigrant Visa program, a.k.a the yearly Green Lottery , is a United States government-run program, which provides lucky 55.000 United States Permanent Resident Cards. Its goal is to diversify the immigrant population within the country and is made available to citizens of ‘’underrepresented countries’’. Such countries have a low immigration rate and are less frequent in the employment sector within the United States. This program has two key entry requirements and is available to all individuals across the globe who can meet these criterias. The lucky winners receive a Permanent Resident Card, which makes it possible for themselves and their families to either study, work or live in U.S.A. The permanent Resident Card may also be known as the U.S.A Green card, caused by the green color of the document.

Please Note Applications for DV-2020 Have Ended. DV-2021 Lottery Applications Are Now Accepted
Diversity Visa Lottery – Application And Guidelines

Only online applications are accepted for this program. Major changes have taken place since 2003, when apllicants would have attached passport photos as well as copies of their signatures. After 2003, the United States government only accepts online applications.
We have simplified this online application process, and have transformed it into a steamlined fast and secure step-by-step process which will take no more than 15 minutes.

A Step By Step And Easy Online Application Processs For USA Green Card :
  • Check Eligiblity
  • Complete service charge payment
  • You will be sent your own registration number
  • Gain access to your online account and complete your information
  • Upload all relevant photos required for all applicants
  • Our expert team will make sure your photos meet all necessary requirements and adjust them where necessary as well as send your application after making sure it is error free
  • Have you won? Check your online account
  • All lucky winners are notified by our team as well as the U.S Government
  • Winners are provided with free advice from our Visa Department, on how to submit their application online, free of charge
  • Winners receive a free tutorial and 24/7 advice on how to prepare for their interview process
  • We accept applications 365 days per year
  • Free online support for all applicants, 24/7
Guaranteed for the USA DIVERSITY LOTTERY:

The Diversity Visa Lottery program is the most popular and generous program in the world, in terms of immigration acceptance. While 55,0000 P.R cards are issued yearly, it also gives the opportunity to individuals ,who would otherwise not be able to live and work in the U.S under family, refuge or employment visa, the possibility to immigrate into the United States and live their American dream. Although this program relies almost entirely on luck, there are other key factors which may affect applications and are fully within the control of the applicant. Our Green Card Expert team is fully qualified to streamline this application for you, with reliable and precise knowledge on how to submit an error free application as well as strategise your adherence to the U.S. Government rules and regulations. All applicants are given the opportunity to transform their life and become an American Resident, and our expert team will consider all their legal complications and provide 24/7 support with this process, in order to help you reach your dreams.

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What is the History Behind the Diversity Visa Lotery?

Want to learn more? Read the story behind the D.V Program and check real results from the past 10 years.

Test your Eligibility

The Green Card Lottery may be your only chance to achieve the American dream. However this program has numerous rigorous rules and requirements, which may appear to be a bit daunting at first sight. You can take this eligibility test in order to check if you meet the two basic entry requirement: Click here to take the Test


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