Green Card Lottery Frequently Asked Questions
The American 2019 Green Card Lottery
The American 2019 Green Card Lottery
Green Cards: What are they?

The Green card is required for any immigrant wishing to legally live in the United States. It gives you the opportunity to either work, study or life in the U.S.A, and you can travel freely in and out of the country. Any citizen who owns a Green card benefits from U.S.A rights which includes but is not limited to health and education, and it allows them to acquire Green Cards for their family members. To be a permanent resident in the U.S.A means that you can live and work freely and permanently. The proof of this right is holding a green card, also known as a ‘’ Permanent Resident Card’’

Spouses and Children: Their rights

Were you to obtain a Permanent Resident card, a.k.a Green card, your spouse or unmarried children (provided they are under 21) are at liberty to choose to apply for this Green card freely, and send their documentation.

Minimum Age

The USA VISA DIVERSITY LOTTERY PROGRAM has no required minimum age, however please bear in mind there are two main requirements which must be met: a completed high school education is one of these requirements, which automatically disqualify applicants under the age of 18. The second requirement is in regards to work experience, which also implies the applicant should be over 18 to meet this criteria.

Maximum Number of Entries?

The USA VISA DIVERSITY PROGRAM has a specific registration period per year, which allows only one entry per each applicant. If you do submit a second entry, you will be disqualified. The complex technology behind the registration process will identify duplicate applicants immediately and consequently disqualify you if you do enter this lottery more than once. You can only apply once per year for this program.
However, please note in the case of married couples or spouses, you can each submit one application which will double your chances of winning.

Can I increase my winning chances?

Yes or no? The answer is both. Although all applications are randomly accepted by a computer generated selection process, and everyone does have an equal chance to win, if you have a spouse you can both apply to increase your chances as mentioned above. However , to increase your chances even more, you must make sure your application is error free, your photos match the exact requirements and you meet the two mandatory main requirements: education and employment. Our service will make sure your chances are increased by submitting an error-free application, as this can result in your application being disqualified should you not send an application which adheres to all specific requirements.

How many Green Cards are distributed to each participant country?

The main criteria your country must meet in order to become a participant is a low rate of immigration, no visas will be granted for countries who send more than 55.000 immigrants into the United States, over the last five years. Green Cards are distributed amongst six geographic regions, provided their immigration rates are very low.

Enter the Green Card Lottery. 55,000 Green Cards Must Go Each Year. Let us help you reach your dream of becoming an American resident today!

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Green Card Lottery Test: Do you qualify?

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The USA Green Card Lottery

Would you like to obtain a US green card from the US immigration department? Have you heard that you can enter a US green card lottery application program? What is the US green card lottery application program all about? How do you complete a US green card lottery application? Read more about the green card lottery.


If you do have any queries or curiosities about this program, feel free to contact our expert team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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The Law

The USA DIVERSITY GREEN CARD IMMIGRANT VISA PROGRAM takes place on a yearly basis, and has been mandated by the USA Congress and conducted by the Department of State. According to SECTION INA 202 OF THE Immigration and Nationality Act, a maximum of 55,0000 Green Cards may be issued each fiscal year.

USA Green Card Lottery Winners

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Your Life in America

This program offers hope to any one who is willing to start a new life in America. Although this program can be quite difficult to navigate for some applicants, our expert team reassures you with strategic and extensive knowledge on how to successfully apply and increase your chances of winning . Green Card Lottery Registration.